Start off by doing the following

Start off by doing the following
Biohazard – 1250 xp
Fight Arena – 2175 xp (also gives 12.1k attk xp)
The Giant Dwarf – 1500 xp
Hazeel Cult – 1500xp
Tribal Totem – 1775 xp
The Golem – 1000xp
Creature of Fenkenstrain – 1000xp
You are now at level 27 Thieving
You can do the following quests, no particular order
Fremennik Trials – 2800 xp
Hand in the Sand (49 craft req) – 1000 xp
Icthlarin’s little helper(50 hp, 43 prayer req) – 4500 xp
The Feud(30 thieve req) – 15,000xp.(RS 2007 Gold)
Spirits of Elid(37 thieve req) – 1000 xp ( also gives 8k prayer)
You should now be at level 39 Thieve, you can do the following quest, then finishing training to 53, or you can just go train
Rat Catchers – 4500 xp
I recommend thieving master farmers to level 41, after that you can go to pyramid plunder until level 53
Other methods include black jack thieving at level 45

I’m sure the majority doesn’t enjoy this skill, but here are some quests that will help training easier in the long run
Plague City – 2425 xp
Doric’s Quest – 1300 xp
Dig Site- 15,300 xp
Another Slice of H.A.M – 3,000 xp
The Lost Tribe – 3,000 xp
The Giant Dwarf – 2,500xp
This puts you at level 37 Mining. (Runescape 2007 Gold)
Power Mine Iron until 50 Mining for Heroes quest
Continue power mining for Lunar Diplomacy to level 60
My recommended spot is the 3 iron rocks north east of Ardy