Diablo 4

Diablo 4: The Best Class Combination

Though you can play Diablo 4 entirely as a single-player experience, you can also join up with friends to tackle the many threats to Sanctuary together. Pairing two different classes allows them to stack their powers. They can either bolster their strengths or cover for glaring weaknesses. If you are looking to synergize your classes, there are a few best combinations that we recommend!

Sorcerer and Barbarian

Spellcasting and brawn are perhaps the most classic pairing in any dungeon crawler. At all points throughout both classes’ leveling, the Sorcerer and Barbarian cover each other’s weaknesses the best. The tank melee Barbarian can easily dispatch enemies upfront and gain the majority of enemy attention, whilst the Sorcerer can dish out massive damage without as much fear of being collapsed on. Whenever it comes to pure synergy, this duo cannot be bested.

Sorcerer And Rogue

The Sorcerer and Rogue duo is one of the most powerful pairings in Diablo 4. The Sorcerer and Rogue can both use Cold-based damage, so builds that use this element can provide tons of synergy to each other. Specifically, the Sorcerer can use ice skills to freeze enemies, while the Rogue gains damage bonuses against frozen and chilled enemies with its Cold Imbuement. Using this setup, the Sorcerer plays more of a support and area damage build, while the Rogue focuses on high single-target damage, making them one of the best duos for blazing through the game.

Barbarian And Druid

The Druid is an incredibly versatile class in Diablo 4. The Barbarian is a relatively simple but effective class, but whenever paired with a Druid, both can shine. Druids can either go a caster route and provide plenty of crowd control for the Barbarian to take advantage of, or you can go full Werebear and have two unkillable tanks, especially when utilizing the Barbarian’s Shouts and Druid’s Debilitating Roar and Werebear transformation. In terms of pure survivability, this is a top-tier class combination.

Druid And Sorcerer

Though the Necromancer is often viewed as a single-player class, its ability to spawn minions can be a massive advantage for co-op. The Necromancer’s undead companions can take the brunt of enemy damage and aggro, which leaves the Druid able to focus on pure DPS. In addition, the Druid has some of the best supporting abilities in the game, which pair very well with the Sorcerer’s high damage potential. Using a Glass Cannon on a Sorcerer increases the damage they deal but also increases the damage they take.

Barbarian And Rogue

The Barbarian and Rogue pairing works out best for a classic melee and ranged duo. Though you can certainly go double melee with the Rogue’s proficiency in close combat, getting the Barbarian to go full tank while the Rogue takes primarily archery abilities is an almost unbeatable pairing. The two classes synergize remarkably well. For example, the Rogue can inflict Vulnerability to make enemies weaker for the Barbarian, while the Barbarian can use shouts to improve the Rogue’s comparatively weaker health bar.

Sorcerer And Sorcerer

Thanks to the incredibly versatile nature of the Sorcerer, even pairing two of them together can be a great option. With one Sorcerer using supporting Crowd Control abilities and the other focusing on high-damage area attacks, this combination remains strong throughout the game, and in a variety of different content. With tons of offensive and defensive support and high-damage options in both single and multi-target scenarios, this pair is sure to please.

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