Marvel Future Fight Comic Cards

Marvel Future Fight Comic Cards: The Most Worth Stats Upgrading

Comic cards are arguably the most important growth material in the Marvel Future Fight game as they affect your whole MFF Accounts and every game mode you play, without good comic cards you can’t make a satisfactory progression in any game mode.

The primary motivation for building a card set is to consider which stats you intend to focus on. While there is no 100% correct answer to this question, we recommend some stats you should focus on below!

Primary Stat Recommendations

Attack stats (All Attack/Energy Attack/Physical Attack): One of the few stats to have no known cap, the reason for card optimization is to push them to the max while keeping the other stats close to required. Go as far as possible.

Skill Cooldown(SCD): With a cap of 50%, from which 14% you get by joining a lvl. 30 alliance, 30-33% from cards is more than enough to max it out on most characters. Any more and it’s just a waste.

Ignore Defense: A stat that you won’t need to max out till you reach the endgame. 30-35% from cards is decent, although pushing it to 40% would also be fine. Don’t have it lower than 25% from your cards though, since that makes you compensate for Ignore Defense from other sources, eating into possible damage boosts from these sources.

Attack Speed: Attack Speed boosts skill animation speeds and increases DPS while shortening i-frame durations on skills making them more vulnerable in PvP. Since Attack Speed has a baseline of 100%, aim at getting at least 10-15% Attack Speed, if not more, from your card set.

Sub-Stats Recommendation

Max HP: Many cards can roll this as a primary stat; Max HP is typically only useful for PvP-heavy rosters, but having some on your cards will not hurt. If your crafted stats roll Max HP, probably keep it.

Crit Damage/Crit Rate: Another good offensive stat combo. Plus you can easily build these from other sources if need be; like obelisks, uniform options, uru etc. Once you have your primary stats set up though, you should probably think of getting Crit stats on your crafted card stats; since your DPS characters should ideally have max Crit Rate and Crit Damage; which crafted stats will help with.

Dodge: It helps cap the stat for those DPS that use CTP of Rage; plus it adds a tiny bit of survivability. Dodge is a possible stat to roll with the 1st craft of a Premium Card, so you might get some Dodge passively.

Bad Stats

Defenses/Recovery Rate: As defensive stats, Max HP serves you better because dodge suffers from scaling, Defenses get neutered by Ignore Defense and RR is suited only for healers which is a niche group.

Resists/Movement Speed/Crowd Control Time: Absolutely worthless stats to have on cards since you will not see much benefit at all from building these stats.

That is all you need to know about the most worth stats upgrading for Marvel Future Fight Comic Cards. For more info, feel free to browse U4gm – In addition, you can use code “Mods” for 5% off to buy any game accounts, items, currency, resources and more!