GWD is a bad idea for all the reasons everyone else has stated already

Other things to consider:

– Godswords and other things will come online MUCH faster because the playerbase already knows how the dungeon and bosses work. It’ll be very easy for experienced players to come up with an efficient method to killing whatever they want, not to mention safespots and whatnot in earlier versions of the dungeon.

– Many people WILL ‘risk’ godswords ( I remember the countless pk videos during that time, 120m or no.). Because of the above, they’ll be commonplace items within months. Godswords were primarily used only for pking actually. The reason AGS was priced so high was for the high killing potential. Runescape 2007 Gold.┬áMost of the other godswords were half the price. Not to mention it will make pking less ‘skill’ based, heading us down towards the road of ‘click spec bar to win’. — F2p pking worlds they’re trying to push for gets everyone on equal level, no need for a rich bank or lucky drop and then bam! suddenly have way superior weapons/armor; Adding GWD is going in the exact opposite direction.

– Aviansies will throw off the economy with the addy bars, increasing the natural inflation rate that alching always influences.

– Sara swords provide super easy strength training (I myself am not against this, but many will not appreciate it)

– Bandos significantly decreases barrows armor’s value as the best armor.

As always, give people an inch, and they’ll take a mile. Be careful of what you wish for.