Master Diablo 4 Endgame: Level 100 Player Strategies

Reaching level 100 in Diablo 4 is a significant achievement, particularly for players experiencing their first season, like those opting for a necromancer character. However, reaching this milestone begins a more intricate and challenging phase: the endgame. This guide aims to help players navigate the endgame efficiently, focusing on increasing damage output and participating in high-level activities.

Master Diablo 4 Endgame: Level 100 Player Strategies

Understanding the Core Skills and Glyphs

Core Skills Enhancement

  1. Core Skill Points: Necromancers can achieve a maximum of 13 points in core skills, broken down as 5 from the skill tree, up to 4 from gear, and another 4 from D4 items like the Harlequin’s Crest (Shako). They are considering gear optimization to achieve this maximum if you’re currently at 9 points.
  2. Glyph Leveling: Continue improving your glyphs, aiming to surpass level 21. Prioritize the Tears of Blood glyph, known for its effectiveness even at level 1.

Gear and Affixes Optimization

  1. Item Power and Affixes: Ensure your armor is above item power 780, jewelry above 860, and weapons at 925. These thresholds allow for higher roll ranges, which is crucial for damage enhancement.
  2. Correct Affixes: Identifying your character’s “4 correct affixes” is essential. For a Barbarian, these affixes will differ from a Necromancer, so tailor your search accordingly.

Endgame Activities and Strategies

Farming for Equipment and Materials

  1. Duriel and World Bosses: Target these bosses for high-power weapons and unique items like Tibault’s Will, Harlequin Crest, and the Grandfather.
  2. Zir Farming: Focus on Zir for the Lidless Wall, another valuable item.
  3. Salvaging and Crafting: Unneeded items for crafting materials are pivotal for gear enhancement.

Dungeons, Harvests, and Aspects

  1. Whispers and Gold Farming: Complete Whispers to accumulate gold.
  2. Blood Harvest: Engage in Blood Harvest 150 summon for Aspects and crafting materials.
  3. Glyph Leveling: Participate in the AoZ for glyph leveling.
  4. Nightmare Dungeons: With your current capability, you should be able to handle tier 80 nightmare dungeons, which can be a stepping stone to soloing Duriel or Zir.

Playing with Strategy and Teamwork

  1. Party Farming: Utilize your blood lures to find a party for more efficient gear farming.
  2. Minmaxing: Focus on minmaxing your character for survival and damage increase by obtaining high roll affixes and the right gear combinations.


The journey to level 100 in Diablo 4 is just the beginning. The endgame requires a strategic approach to gear optimization, skill enhancement, and engaging in high-level activities. By following these guidelines, players can significantly improve their damage output and overall gameplay experience. Remember, the endgame grind is about small, consistent improvements that lead to substantial gains in survival and damage capabilities.