An emissary for balance

So, this has been on my mind for a while. What, you may ask? The absence of a group representing Guthix’s values. But, you may say, there is a Guthixian faction, in the form of the Godless. But I say, the Godless do not represent Guthix’s values.

For the past few years, Guthix has influenced my philosophy, in-game, and irl. His views of Balance and Peace have shaped who I am, along with philosophies I have studied. His mantra, Balance is Power, is part of who I am. So, I suppose this is why recent events have irked me.

In the World Wakes, Guthix dies, and makes a final request- that we should protect the world from the Gods, and restore Balance. But everyone has forgotten that last part, or cast it aside, thinking Balance will be restored the instant the Gods are gone.

But I say, you are wrong. It will not be over with the Gods. The world will be divided by their mortal followers, and the looming threats of the Mahjarrat and Dragonkin would still be present. Further, who would be so naive as to think that the sentient races are naturally Balanced? Our job is not over with the Gods leaving. It is a job that will be with us for years after they are gone. Balance is a delicate thing, and without someone to represent it, it will be forgotten, and destroyed.

I therefore ask that, in the future, there be a place for Guthixians, because we are so much more than an anti-god splinter group.

Thank you for reading. Post your support if you think Balance should be represented by a faction. Let us act on Guthix’s whole will, and not just a part of it.

Hc41 Gabba has had a thread in the Existing Game Content forum about this, titled “The 9th Faction: Guthix!” for a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if he posts here to support your thread.

While it’s not necessary by any means (the Godless are closer to Guthix’s teachings than you or he seems to be able to admit) it wouldn’t make any great difference to me, unless Guthix got a faction and the desert pantheon did not, which would make me very mad.