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Jagex has announced that Runescape 3 will be released in the summer #RT3028U of 2013. Just like the immediate Cheap Old School Runescape Gold we offer as the oldscape released. RSorder always try to help our customer with every change and upgrade in the game. Now we offer a timely news on this great upgrade.

HTML5 RuneScape3 Launching This Smmer!

1. According the the press release, RuneScape 3 is due out sometime this summer on PC, and Jagex is making use of a new HTML5 engine for better performance. The title also features updated graphics, audio, and overall design (including a customizable interface); among other improvements.

2. Rather than forming a sequel in the traditional sense RuneScape 3 is more of an upgrade combined with an overhaul and the game itself will continue with regular updates as before. The transition to RuneScape 3 also coincides with the in-game shift from the Fifth to the Sixth age following the death of one of RuneScape’s gods, Guthix.

2. RS3 marks a significant moment in RuneScape’s history as the world enters the 6th Age. All the recent content updates have been building up to this point, massive change is coming, and the players will be able to shape the game with the choices they make. Every single player will have the ability to shape the world.

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