Dominate Diablo 4: Ultimate Glyph XP & Zir Event Tips

As Diablo 4’s Season 2 progresses, players increasingly focus on one critical question: “How do I become more powerful?” With the upcoming release of the Avatar of Zir event on December 5th, the quest for power has never been more pressing. This guide will delve into the nuances of gaining strength in Diablo 4, emphasizing the importance of Glyph XP and strategies for conquering the Avatar of Zir.

Dominate Diablo 4: Ultimate Glyph XP & Zir Event Tips

Understanding the Avatar of Zir Event

The Avatar of Zir is a high-stakes, limited-time event featuring 25 tiers of escalating difficulty. Players face enemies tougher than those in a tier 100 nightmare dungeon, with each tier offering increased Glyph XP rewards. The event also introduces a unique Paragon glyph, requiring substantial Glyph XP for full leveling.

Boosting Your Power: Gear, Builds, and Glyphs

Players must enhance their power through gear, builds, and Paragon glyphs to tackle this event. It is best to buy enough Diablo 4 items if necessary. While focusing on gear and builds is common, many overlook the power of Paragon glyph levels. The difference between a level one glyph and a max level 21 glyph is substantial. Prioritizing glyph leveling, especially the last six levels, can significantly boost your character’s strength.

Efficient Glyph XP Farming Strategies

Two primary ways to gain Glyph XP are nightmare dungeons and defeating the Beast in Ice, an endgame boss. However, the approach to these activities changes when your goal is solely Glyph XP. In nightmare dungeons, for instance, the focus should be on completing objectives as quickly as possible, avoiding unnecessary combat.

Choosing Your Nightmare Dungeons

When selecting nightmare dungeons for Glyph XP farming, consider the tier and the dungeon layout. The ideal tier is the highest you can complete quickly without risking death. The goal is to bypass enemies and head straight for the objectives. Some dungeons are faster to complete due to straightforward objectives and paths, making them more efficient for Glyph XP farming.

Top Dungeons for Glyph XP

  1. Goa Ruins: Known for its simplicity, the primary objective is defeating the boss.
  2. Belfry Zakara in Hazar Region: Features straightforward objectives.
  3. Srao Caverns in Kistan: Quick completion is possible by ignoring non-forced enemies.
  4. Hallowed Oar in the Fractured Peaks: Efficient layout for fast completion.
  5. Tormented Ruins in the Fractured Peaks: Another dungeon with a simple path from start to finish.


As Diablo 4 evolves, the importance of Glyph XP in increasing build power cannot be overstated, especially with the Avatar of Zir event. You can significantly enhance your character’s power by focusing on efficient Glyph XP farming and optimizing your approach to nightmare dungeons. Whether preparing for the upcoming event or looking to maximize your character’s potential, understanding and applying these strategies will be key to your success in Diablo 4.