FIFA 20 Containing Tips

Since introducing the tactical defending back on FIFA 15 many people we come up against using this secure method when supporting and it can be okay, but where are the skill or fun in just having auto player switching settings on and just holding back and the contain button? Not only this but we hate the auto-switching environment, and there are considerable flaws in just carrying if you, as the attacking player know how to work against its drawbacks. If you come up against a player who moves the ball well and quickly, then this method won’t work at all, so we suggest that you use the secondary contain or jockey over this option.

U4GM FIFA 20 Coins have kept this section in, not to provide tips for this area but to steer you away from it. U4GM FIFA 20 Players never use the contain button, ever. That’s part of the reason we change buttons and stick it on our R2/RT button. When you can Jockey, we don’t see why anyone would choose to contain and you shouldn’t. The jockey is more flexible and allows you to create the distance from the attacker YOU want, not have it dictated to you by the AI.