What the Best Class Is in TERA?

TERA finally appeared on the console, and the flood of new players was making its first attempt at this heavy MMORPG. However, before you really delve into the study, you first need to choose a class. This is an important choice because the game style will be consistent with what you have been playing in the game. Are you looking for a good solo class.

TERA class

This is the case, there is no “best class” in TERA, at least not. TERA is an MMORPG game, which means that you will have a tough fight against the BAM monsters, which requires the cooperation of all the different classes to succeed. You can’t just stack a fashion class and win. Over time, the Yuan will shift, we can let you know what is currently popular, but newer and newer fights can/will change popular things. However, because you are here, we can try and give you some guidance.

If you are looking for a good solo class that allows you to quickly and safely reach the highest level, Lancer is a good choice. It can be said to be the best shield attack survivability, after successful blocking, you can follow a powerful combination, it can cause good damage. In addition, this is a good training for becoming a tank. This is a daunting task for any MMORPG, but someone must do so, and Lancer is also the best. There are other options to clear the enemies’ packages more quickly, such as gunners or wizards, but remember that you need more toes because your error space will be smaller.

Beyond single-player games, if you are looking for a popular safety job, then you can choose one of the treatment classes, Priest and Mystic, because both classes will be used for difficult battles. Can not let people die and hope to win. If you are interested to buy cheap tera gold, please visit https://www.u4gm.com/tera-gold