MU Legend Inherits Many Of The Original Ideas

MU Legend is a prequel to the iconic Action / MMORPG MU. The game was released in several languages: German, French, Polish, Spanish, Brazilian and English. And it focuses on various systems, including trading with NPCs, PvP mode 3 and other important things. The novelty of Webzen inherits many of the original ideas, while remaining completely independent project.

MU Legend

In MU Legend, Webzen demonstrated the developments on the guild system, which was called Knight League. It includes guild aircraft, guild battles, guild territories and even special PvP and PvE content. Guilds can own aircraft, travel to them and even attack each other’s ships. Siege of the ship is an attack of the outer deck and the passage of the dungeon. As it turned out, U4GM is a credible website that delivers MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling at the lowest price.

The fact is that Webzen developed a tool Dungeon Builder, which allows guilds to create unique ship dungeons with their own structure, traps, etc. In addition, aircraft will allow guilds to visit the dimension of demons – Pandemonium. The game is developed on the Unreal Engine 3. According to Webzen, this stable and proven engine is well suited for demonstrating large-scale battles on not too powerful PC configurations.

MU Legend and the original MU Online are significantly different. The developers believe that the launch of the novelty will not do a great blow to the predecessor, but at the same time they hope that the active old-timers will want to try the new project and will enjoy it. Webzen also expects to return veterans who played in MU Online earlier. You can keep an eye on U4GM and read more here.