Mu Legend Different Classes And Endless Conflict Between Races

Mu Legend is also highly anticipated gameplay. At the same time, it’s the much-hyped new MMORPG gameplay. In Mu Legend, we will see endless conflict between races in a world of Mu. Gamers have different choice for different classes. Latest Mu Legend news & guides, reference to here.


Amongst four playable classes, Dark Lord is a class revamped original class of Mu Online. Dark Load, the commander of the Dark, has a good stamina and defensive stat, carrying out both a tank and a damage dealer.

War Mage is a wizard-type class, featuring its powerful long-range attacks against the surrounding enemies. Blader is a classic warrior class with devastating melee attacks, using a close range weapon like a sword.

Whisperer is a brand-new class inspired by Fairy Elf, an original class of Mu Online. Whisperer is a class that specializes in ranged attacks, freely adjusting the distance and position between player and the enemy at high speed.

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