Albion The Final Update Hector Is Coming With Prominent Features

After years of testing and speculation, the roadmap of Albion Online was unveiled. It begins with a massive overhaul update called Galahad coming March 13th followed by another huge update called Hector in late May or early June then release July 17th, 2017. U4GM was regarded as the best place to buy cheap albion online gold for seasoned gamers.


With the time push away, Sandbox game is better than previous. Overall, the world of Albion Online is absolutely massive, beautiful and full of biodiversity. Different areas look substantially different, take resources as an example, some zones have a wealth of resources that all gamers need, on the contrary, some zones are lack of those resources. Most of time gamers like exploring a dangerous world, aiming to harvest more necessary currencies such as albion online gold.

Albion Online will live by its open world content and its PVP although Sandbox has been taking steps to enhance the PVE experience as well. Albion Online is a free-to-play MMORPG set for a Q1 2016 release. Sandbox Interactive have said the game will have a player-driven economy, no class restrictions and a heavy focus on claiming, defending and laying siege to player territories.

Currently, regarding the final update of Albion Online, Hector is coming to Albion Online on June 7, 2017. New feature: black market, revamped hellgates as well as outlands improvements. Hector has the most prominent features, more news about new update: Hector,you can go to official website: