FFXIV The Latest Expansion Of The Dungeons And Main Scenario

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood will release on June 20th exclusively for PC as well as PS4. The next big patch update has been unveiled, and more and more gamers are eager to check out this large-scale update. Professional supplier ffxiv4gil is committed to offers Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil.


It bring a lot of new content for players, which includes the main scenario quest line, two new dungeons, one of which will turn your expectations on their head, an epic new raid within Alexander a fierce new primal threat that promises to delight old-school Final Fantasy fans, new beast tribe quests, and so much more.

Conquer the latest expansion of the high-level raid dungeon — Alexander: Midas
Grab your friends and dive ever deeper into the iron fortress Alexander to eliminate the threat posed by the illuminati. Will you and your fellow adventurers be able to stop them before they are able to realize their plan?

Continue the epic main scenario about betrayal and faith
After the deception by the Holy See, the citizens of ishgard yearned to rebuild everything they’d lost. Truth and peace might foster reformation and lead the wave of change so desperately needed, or at least this is what ser aymeric had in mind when he became the acting ruler of the Holy See of ishgard. More questions and update news, you can jump into professional website: https://www.ffxiv4gil.com/.