How will you get coins for the coming FIFA 15

fifa15It is crazy to see that the amount of Fifa fanatics who are spending more and more each and everyday on Fifa Ultimate Team.But why do we do this? What is the huge fascination with just a game and to have the best team available to us? It all mainly comes from “been the best” whether its been better than a friend or family member – to have the bragging rights over them, or been able to humiliate your opponents in 1 on 1 matches. Or fight to get to division 1. It all counts in a dog eat dog world in the world of Fifa ultimate team. Buying Fifa coins is nothing new it has been around since the start of Fifa ultimate team back in 2010 just that not many people knew about this method and instead of buying ultimate team coins they spent money on PSN points and xbox live points.

The disadvantage to this is the fact that with points you can only actually open packs you can’t Physically buy players which in my eyes is more of a risky game as your relying basically on pack luck. When it comes to buying fifa coins it gives you more flexibility due to you been able to either use the coins to buy players, or if you like open packs. Take for example you want to buy Frank Lampard remember this a example! And he costs 10,000 coins. You can either buy £10 worth of PSN points and hope you get him in a pack, or you can spend £10 on 100,000 coins which would make more sense?

When buying Fifa Ultimate team coins you do buy at your own risk, and in the past Fifa have banned accounts for coin banning. At the same time it is a very slim chance of it happening and 1 person out of every 1000 would get banned. But that shouldn’t stop you from buying as I have seen users who don’t buy coins getting banned for no reason from EA as they have a tendency to do for some reason…

Will buying Fifa coins ever stop? In my eyes I don’t think it will even though Fifa ban accounts etc, but as long as coins are been pumped into the game and still people who do not know about buying Fifa coins it will continue through Fifa 15 and the future.If your looking to buy Fifa 15 Coins then look no further than