How to master defensive heading in FUT 15

fifa 15The headers are one of the most important aspects of the game, and it’s one that you’re going to need to master as quickly as possible if you’re going to get anywhere this year. For the latest installment, EA Sports have introduced a variety of attacking features which has changed the football simulator and turned it on it’s head.

We’re here to help you get to grips with these changes and get better overall at heading whilst in defence with your back four. All of the corners, set-pieces and crosses that are put into your box will all need to be dealt with, and we will give you the best tips to ensure this.

The headers said to be extremely overpowered in FIFA 15, so it’s absolutely vital that you clear up this part of your game otherwise you’ll end up conceding quite a lot of goals. This will mean that you will have to score more than your opponent and that’s going to be hard to achieve week in, week out.

The very first thing that you will need to do before anything, is to sign Arial threats for your one or two centre back positions. The right back and left back don’t need to be exceptional in the air, but your central defensive partnership will have to be. This will instantly give you an incredible advantage against tall strikers and is key to your success.

It’s important that when a ball is delivered into your danger zone, that you don’t just stop still ball-watching and you actually go towards the ball and attack it. You can use the shadow of the ball whilst it’s in mid-air and there’s also a marker which will also show you where the ball is going to land on the ground.

Use the left stick and move the player towards the incoming cross and try and get in front of the attacker as this will give you the edge in the battle. A great tip to use is holding in the shoot button instead of the usual pass button. Not a lot of players choose to do this, but it’s incredibly effective and even more so if it’s held in for the entire time until the bar goes full and it’ll also clear the danger away from your penalty area too.

This particular method may raise question marks to some, but the other option is leaving the duty to your goalkeeper and hoping that he saves the header shot. By using the shoot button, the ball will fly over 30 yards out of your box, and although the opposition may retain possession, they’ll have to start their attack all over again which is good news for you.