Compact interface issues

As others may have noticed, there appears to be a problem with the ‘more compact interface’ that has been put into the game on 29/8.

For starters, When editing the size of the inventory, its possible to end up with a size where half of the inventory isn’t filled with actual item boxes. I play with a default inventory size, but I am not a fan of the 5×5 + 3 setup, I much prefer the more old school 4×7, where the entire interface ended up being filled with usable item boxes. Now when I use it, I will often subconsciously assume my inventory is much emptier than it really is (I’ve now clicked on wisps several times with a full inventory of memories), and its really just not aesthetically pleasing to me.

It seems like other areas only have a similar Runescape Gold problem (the skill menu for instance, seems more empty, with smaller skill buttons then before).

A couple possible fixes that I would like to propose-

– make it possible to manipulate the size, distance and configuration of item boxes and possibly other buttons.
– make it possible to lock the configuration of item slots or other buttons so you could re-size the inventory until it has your preferred setup (4×7 for me), and then lock it, and re-size the inventory again, until it has you preferred size of the overall interface. so that way you could have different item box configurations that automatically fit to the size of the panel.

Please post your comments about this issue and other ideas.