Divination new runescape skill bankspace

With over 50 new items(plus related energies) being released with divination, and a new production skill(likely to have more than 50 new Runescape items due to its nature as a production, rather than gathering skill). It would seem only right for another bank booster(or just a straight increase in bank space) to be distributed for free.

Because many of the items are different tiers of the same thing even 15 spots would be good, the bank booster angle just seems easier to implement.

Yes bank boosters i have to pay for or give up my loyalty rewards for. In basic principal they changed the game, created a pile of new item,s they need to adjust to accommodate the new set up, they have done the same thing in the past when they increased the number of items in the game by less than they have now.

I will never calmly accept the concept i should just be expected to pay more to stay competitive/have the appropriate resources, for a game i’m already paying for.

And i do not see loyalty rewards as free, therefore i do not see loyalty based booster(if there even reasonably priced) as free.