Void dance quest runescape bug

I am currently trying to complete this quest however, the 2nd to last clue scroll asks me to dig under a red flower in the monastry which i cant get near to do.. ive tried clicking all round the area and even diging around the area but i still get nothing interesting happening and cant move on to the next phase of quest.
the closest i can get to the plant in question is the grass next to it.. i cant move onto the brown ‘garden’ area the plant is in. but can do so in other areas of the garden.
This is very frustrating and i would like to know if its just something im doing wrong or is this a bug?

Yes this is currently a bug, you cannot stand on the flower, however I heard there is a way around this. If you go upstairs in the monastery and stand right above the red flower, which would be in front of the torch on the left wall, you can dig there and get the next clue.

I suppose that’s worth a shot to do, but make sure to make a bug report this either in game by clicking the report button, hovering over support and click the submit a bug report or by visiting this thread.