HTML5 only way

Hi, I’m contemplating whether or not to get another month’s subscription to RuneScape 2007 Gold The HTML5 Beta is new since I last left and I was wondering if there would be a point in the game where it’s the only way to play Runescape due to I am unable to run HTML5. (Let alone Java too much now.) If so, is there any specific or estimated time until it is. Thanks in advance.

As far as is known, Jagex is not planning on getting rid of the Java client any time soon (no within the next couple of years). Jagex has always been about giving players access to their game even with low spec machines, so I doubt they would get rid of the Java client unless they find a way for the players with low spec machines to play the game.Java will still be supported until Jagex says otherwise and so far they said they’re not currently planning on getting rid of it.