Guthix runescape memory

With this new battle of Lumbridge starting off, I feel somehow Guthix’s memory has been completely forgotten from the World wakes quest. While we had the option at the end to be able to stand strong and carry on his ways, I feel this has been kind of forgotten about.

So my idea to include a more neutral point of view is at some point to have one of the Guthix followers who still follow this way in game such as Juna, to offer players the choice to be able to protect the Divine Tears.With a pool in the middle which tears would be placed so that the force is taken away from both sides to try to bring some level of calm. The rewards would work in the same way as the current Gods are, furthermore with many different NPC that still suppor Guthix even after his death can be shown in this event.

I also feel with the Dukes question once a week this view point can carry into this area of the event as well, seeing as from the first list of responses so far you have the option to help both people from Zamorak and Saradomin.

Would like to get views from people who support different Gods in this game such as Zaros to express how you fill about the main focus of this battle being on Zamorak and Saradomin.

1. Talk with Kara-Meir.

That is true you can talk to her about the events, I am saying that there isn’t the option to use the power of the tears for any other reason they to give one the of two Gods more power to help in the battle.

2. Understand it.

I understand it, the tears are Guthixs power which both of the Gods wish to collect in order to give them more power.

3. I pointing out that this option could be brought into the game easy, as when you talk to the Duke about the rebuilding of lumbridge there is the neutual option which is just about helping either side.

you take away the tears from a neutral point of view, the strength that both of the Gods will have will be weakened. You also don’t take in to account the people would might want to choose a different option, so there the way the battle is going so far could be changed. Buy Runescape Gold.However either way the total amount of damage that the war will cause in this way will be reduced.