The RS Gold game became famous the world known

In ancient times, the poor families, the only way out is the wealth and status can be life after the imperial examinations, high school champion the imperial examination continues in the rivers and lakes of the world game, can become a virtuous and talented person, it all depends on the efforts of everyone slightly.

Imperial examination began, a total of 30 questions need to be answered each question require a total of 25 seconds (10 seconds to see the title, 10 seconds answer five seconds announced the answer), whenever the subject is answered correctly, points plus 5 week the activities total score issued activity Award. Quiz, respectively, were double integral opportunities including three charges, three charges (charges 5 ingot / 1), after doubling the rights is selected, if the questions answered correctly, you can get the title of the double Bonus. After the imperial examination for each question answered correctly, can be fixed to 5 points, answer the pace, got it wrong integral increase.

The runescape gold game is not in the champion Oh! But for everyone to payment of the imperial examination reward it! Imperial examination awards include daily and weekly. A day after the end of the imperial examination are issued according to the day of pts some experience; every Sunday, players will answer charts an award.

Like friends do not miss it! Runescape gold game is a RPG role playing background to the Sui and Tang dynasties class web game. Set of role-playing, strategy, adventure and other elements of the game as a whole, beautiful screen game, as if the client fusion of history, rivers and lakes, martial arts, and hatred variety of specialty elements, models rare quality game masterpiece.