RuneScape is a great game in both features and playerbase

RuneScape deserved a lot better, and not be blown away dismissive reviews. No matter how some have pigeon-holed it as being less than worthy of proper MMO status, RuneScape is a behemoth of a game in both size, features and playerbase. In fact, as of now, RuneScape players have eight digits.

The second version of RuneScape, design better, more stable, duties took over the first version in 2004. Jagex continuous improvement engine, graphics and content, and there is no indication that the company is slowing. Contrast, Jagex efforts to expand the presence of RuneScape Gold, on a global scale, there are more than 170 servers.

Of course, all of this, you need to pay attention to is that the majority of players users, put it in a different category than the complete user name. Even so, in the field of online games, 100000-300000 active players is considered a solid success, RuneScape is far higher than they were a penny dropped from this height would be fatal. Not my words – RuneScape in 2008 in the world’s most popular free MMO Guinness Book of World Records. The Jagex company since its inception, has been developed to include two studio with 400 employees, and is now with the online game RuneScape several.

From the outset, RuneScape offers players two payment options: they can play for free, and put ads, or cough a modest monthly kill the ads and other content. To the entire contents of the freedom of choice with restrictions or subscription between players,, Jagex offers something for every budget and desire. The most important is that RuneScape subscription fee is a small part of the industry standard of $ 15, the player makes the game more attractive financial awareness. This is all about casting the widest possible net as much as possible to collect as many players, and hope exploratory moochers pay, they are truly addictive. RuneScape has long proved that this split business model works, and works darn good.

Melee battlefield: martial arts bloody

The the Wulin bloody battle is personal for the unit to participate, and the only battle in the same occupation. Participate “Wulin bloody” players will be randomly assigned to one area, the face of hundreds of unrest in the battlefield, and ultimately there is only one player can stand out, standing on the highest podium, dominated the rivers and lakes. Get different rewards, each level players will win a lot of bloody drafts up to tens of millions. Collection of “Wulin bloody” proof of the brave, NPC snow Xuan in exchange for the reward of Wu Xun, the number of collected more the rewards of Wu Xun value will be more lucrative.

The melee Battlefield 3: FY war

The FY war is a war between decency and Xiepai mode. Join the FY Wars “of decency and Xiepai players, need to use various methods to defeat opponents within the specified time, so that one’s own forces to get more points to gain the victory. First kill opponents seize the banner of other forces, of course, the process will be relatively difficult to seize the flag, requires players to complement each other, in order to successfully get the banner. After you get a banner, If player dies banner, the banner will drop. The same forces players get the banner can continue with the relay, so the the runescape war in team especially important. Battle, successfully occupied a guard tower also available high points, NPC and enemy forces fighting the strong support military and can summon help and guardian of the central tower.