If you’ve posted elsewhere, we will find it and give it the full attention it deserves.

over the last few months, we’ve been more active than ever on our own forums, Twitter Facebook, , YouTube, Reddit, and all the fan sites, reading your thoughts regarding our recent posts and updates. I’m thrilled to see so many people talking about what first made – and still makes –RuneScape gold special. It’s clear that many feel passionately about older aspects of the game; we’re certainly listening to everything you’re saying.

There are many suggestions, including some radical new ideas. These range greatly in scope: there have been requests for new versions of the game where everyone starts from scratch; servers that run the old combat system; complete single-player versions of the game with the option to pick and choose updates; and a return to RuneScape as it was in 2006. Some of you have asked for servers with more specific special conditions: no Grand Exchange; higher risk or old wildy; old Bounty Hunter; permadeath; old magic shortbow specs; old 2h melee dominance…everything up to “bring back the old three-hit-pk-anywhere system from Classic days,” if you remember back that far!

In particular, there are many ideas focused around your love of the old combat system and all its even-earlier incarnations, and your level of passion and interest speaks volumes. Huge thanks for taking the time and effort to tell us how you feel.

It’s been a fascinating read, and everyone has their own opinion on what was good, bad, ugly or epic about older versions of the game. Right now, we’re looking into all of your comments, suggestions and ideas: specifically about combat, both old and new. Were committed to making this year something special, and we really want look into those ideas that you feel most strongly about.  sell cheap runescape gold

Researching and exploring these ideas take time. With all the other great content we have planned this year, what we can promise right now is to look into these things with all the energy and enthusiasm we have. Expect more information about this on the 20th of February during our next Q&A session: Around the Campfire with…_

Don’t forget that we are always working on improvements to the core game. We are still refining the EoC based on your feedback and aiming for at least one significant batch of improvements a month. I know it’s frustrating for some of you that we still need to tweak it, but we want to make it as great as we believe it can be by working with you. If you’d like more info on the changes and updates we’re making in February, watch out for an Og Blog and February’s Behind the Scenes article, both of which are coming soon.

Thanks for reading. If you want to reply here with your own ideas or thoughts regarding this subject, please do so. We plan to keep this thread open for 24 hours and I’ll be posting replies to your comments whenever I can. After that, we can get back into the research work mentioned above. If you’ve posted elsewhere, we will find it and give it the full attention it deserves.