To instantly transport players to a certain area in Runescape

From one residence to another residence, often require a long time, so the transport.Game between the two fortresses, the fortresses with monster centrally between far away, and as long as we spend a small amount of gold, it can be reached within a very short time.Here the trust of platform, welcome to enter to meet RS 2007 Gold.

Teleportation spells are used to instantly transport players to a certain area. For example, when cast, Falador Teleport immediately transports the caster to the centre of Falador, next to the Saradomin statue. Nearly all teleportation spells require at least one law rune, among other runes.

All spellbooks contain teleportation spells. However, the standard spellbook contains Teleother spells, beginning with Teleother Lumbridge at 74 Magic. Teleother spells allow the caster to teleport another player to another area, assuming that player consents and has Accept Aid on. The Lunar spellbook has Tele Group spells, starting with Tele Group Moonclan at 70 Magic, which will teleport the caster and any other players within a 3×3 square area of the caster to another area.

The Home Teleport spell is a unique teleport that does not require any runes and does not have a level requirement. It takes around 10 seconds to cast, so it is interruptible by combat. Due to a hidden update on 28 March 2011, the waiting time of 30 minutes between casts has been eliminated.

Each spellbook has a Home Teleport spell, with different destinations according to the spellbook. Lumbridge Home Teleport from the standard spellbook leads to Lumbridge, Edgeville Home Teleport from the Ancient Magicks spellbook leads to Edgeville, Lunar Home Teleport from the Lunar spellbook leads to Lunar Isle. After the Troll Warzone update, members can use the Home Teleport to teleport to Burthorpe.

A similar spell exists in the Dungeoneering spellbook which teleports the caster to the smuggler in the start room. The addition of the Lodestone network means that players can now use the home teleportation spell to teleport to a number of different areas within Gielinor, such as Draynor Village, Catherby and Al Kharid, which removes the immediate need for many teleportation spells since the home teleport spell to these areas is free.

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