The max hit will be very difficult to achieve in Runescape

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The maximum ever recorded ranged hit was 5000 and was acquired with special effect of enchanted ruby bolts used against Mod C3dpo during the Zombie Jmods Event during Hallowe’en 2010. The ruby bolts hit the monster for 20% of its remaining life points at the cost of 10% of the player’s remaining life points. Theoretically, the special effect would hit 4000 on the Corporeal beast, however the maximum hit has always been capped at 1000 for it.

After the introduction of Soul Wars, up to 2000 life points may be dealt on the Avatar of Destruction or the Avatar of Creation, however a later update capped the damage to 700. With the Nomad’s Requiem quest, it is once again possible to hit 2000 with these bolts on the Decaying Avatar, and the fact it heals itself a few times increases the chance of this hit happening. A good way to achieve this hit is by wearing armour with a great negative ranged attack bonus. This way your chance of hitting the avatar will be low, while the ruby bolt special will be unchanged.

You can also leave the temple during the fight and so restart from the beginning.During the two hundred million account celebration it was possible to hit 1,000,000 ranged damage but only with the Boogie bow when fighting the Party Demon. No experience was gained for this.

Despite the low requirements, the max hit will be very difficult to achieve, because the set effect is random and unless it is activated on the first hit, the resulting damage will be lower due to the life points having already been partially depleted. Note that the ranged strength or attack bonus has no effect at all on the chances of hitting 5000, because the ranged strength or attack bonus has no effect on the Ruby bolts’ set effect.

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