The strategy is to join a friends chat designed just for Soul Wars

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The strategy is to join a friends chat designed just for Soul Wars. These commonly have combat level requirement, and for such, low level players who join are automatically kicked out. These friend chats (formerly known as clans) run the games by picking which colour people should join. To let players know what the leaders’ decisions are, they call for the right colour minutes prior to the end of the current game.
It is important to have your screen heading towards where the team’s lobby is at once the game finishes and you are back on the starter lobby. This is done to avoid missing out a game since due to the high amount of players in each game, this may cause lag and you would click late on the barrier for the corresponding team.
Once you are in game, you should follow your friends chat’s calls. These calls can be for example:

Obby/Obelisk: means the team should go towards the soul obelisk to regain position.

Ava/Avatar: means the team should go towards the opponent’s avatar to attack, unless specified “our avatar” to defend if the other team is currently in offence.

Coll/Collect: means a small proportion of players should go collect soul fragments. It it highly recommended to slay jellies since they drop 2 soul fragments instead of the single-drop by pyrefiends. A good way to collect is to kill the opposing team’s collectors to gain as drop their soul fragments collected.

Grave/Graveyard: this means the team should move quickly to the specified graveyard (western or eastern). This is only recommended to do if the team can gain position of the other team’s graveyard (slowing down their offence since the long run back to the obelisk from the original graveyard spawn) or your own team’s graveyard (in case the opponent is taking it).runescape gold.

If players don’t follow calls, games commonly end up in a tie or a loss. Cooperation in team is needed to win a game of Soul Wars because of the high activity required to earn 3 zeals. Players who choose to go on their own way but still join the friend chat for Soul Wars might be kicked for not following calls.